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Tribble at the Door
betawho wrote in drwhoadventures
Here is the list of all the stories on the site. 
Stories are complete and listed as: ShortOne Chapter, or Multi-Chapter. (A short drabble, a one chapter story, a longer, episode style story with multiple chapters.) Or by Character

All stories are rated G or PG,  the same as the TV series.

Screwdriver - (11th Doctor, River Song) [short] - He knew he had to build her the sonic screwdriver she had at the Library...

Instructions - (11th Doctor, River Song) [short] - His hands were tied, literally, in one red bowtie and one black. She said he only had to tell her what to do, but some things needed to be shown...

Duet - (11th Doctor, River Song) [short] - She was brilliant. River Song could do anything. She was playing the piano...

Daddy - (Rory Williams, River Song) [short] - Sometimes she'd catch Rory just staring at her. She knew he was looking for his daughter.

"River, What Are You Doing?!" - (11th Doctor, River Song) [short] - River's in an odd mood. She didn't shoot his hat. What is she up to?

A Very Good Day - (11th Doctor, River, Amy, Rory) [short] - He wasn't getting any younger, and his Companions were ganging up on him... — "This is never going to work!" Rory whispered. "It will if you'll quit dawdling," Amy said. "Come on, River is keeping him distracted..."

Dirty Old Man - (11th Doctor, River Song) [short] - The Doctor isn't a dirty old man. But it was his anniversary, and he was old, and it was muddy, and, well, things just sort of developed...

Concencus - (All the Doctors, River Song) [short] - What do all the Doctors think of River?

Cat and Mouse - (11th Doctor, River Song) [short] - What was the Doctor thinking after River regenerated, as they were playing cat and mouse?

Appearances can be Delightful - (River Song, Jack Harkness) [short] - River has just come back from one of her more elaborate heists, and, she's a vision. He's just not sure what she's a vision of...

Planet of the Dead REVISED - (10th Doctor and Christina de Sousa) - [revision/full episode] - A rewrite/edit of the Planet of the Dead episode to tone down the camp and Doctor Worship, and give some better explanations for the plot holes, while still keeping it an engaging story...

We Just Leave Her There? - (Amy, Rory, 11th Doctor, River Song) [short] - What did Amy and Rory think, immediately after leaving River at the hospital at the end of "Let's Kill Hitler?"

Last - (11th Doctor, River Song) [short] - They always run together... Written for the Who_Contest "Last" Challenge.
My Bad Girl - (11th Doctor, River Song, Mels, Amy) [short] - The Doctor stared down at the picture in his hand. It was of River, or, rather, young River. Mels, as Amy still called her. Lovely dark skin, silky black curly hair, and "bad girl" stamped on every inch of her...

Quit Looking at Me - (11th Doctor, River Song) [short] - River keeps staring at him..

Up a Tree - (11th Doctor, Amy, and Rory) [Multi-Chapter] - This is a sort of "Doctor Who" meets "Avatar" story, without the avatars.

The Doctor, Amy, and Rory land on a human colony world where the colonists live in gigantic trees. A whole city in the treetops. But what starts out as a lark, ends with a murder, an ancient mystery, and  a local race of "not quite intelligent" spider-monkey-like creatures that might have a reason for not quite being intelligent.

Bathtime - (11th Doctor, River Song) - The Doctor catches River in the bath...

Call Waiting - (11th Doctor, River Song) [short] - She died in the Library, but she said they'd meet again. It was a call he'd been waiting for...

Witches and Wizards - (11th Doctor, River Song) [short] - The Doctor and River visit the Discworld.

Old Married Couple - (11th Doctor, River Song) [short] - Amy and Rory catch the Doctor and River, en deshabille in the library...

Sleeping - (11th Doctor, River Song) [short] - He was so tired. He didn't usually get tired. But even Time Lords can't go on forever. And there was River, in his bed...

Domestic - (10th Doctor and Donna) [short] - Sometimes having a roommate can be a real pain.

It Works on Wood - (11th Doctor, Amy, Rory) [short] - The sonic doesn't work on wood. Well, he'll just see about that!

She Makes Me Smile - (11th Doctor, River Song) [short] - Why did he always feel a big grin inside whenever she appeared?

Special Occasions - (11th Doctor, River Song) [short] - There's always time for a special occasion. (Holiday Story.)

A Life of Her Own - (River Song, 11th Doctor) [short] - What does River Song do when the Doctor's not around? Does her life really revolve around him? Or does she have A Life of Her Own? 

Ruminations - (River Song, 11th Doctor) [short] - What was River really thinking during "Let's Kill Hitler?" 

When a Victim isn't a Victim - (River Song, Companion, 11th Doctor) [short] - If you were the Doctor's Companion, what is the first question you'd ask River Song? — This is a sequel to "When a Prison isn't a Prison" and "When a Prisoner isn't a Prisoner" 

When a Prisoner isn't a Prisoner - (11th Doctor, River Song, Companion) [short] - The Doctor is taking his new Companion to meet River Song... A sequel to "When a Prison isn't a Prison."

When a Prison isn't a Prison - (11th Doctor, River Song, Companion) [short] - The Doctor's Companion is incensed to learn that the Doctor has left his wife in prison. But, he explains, he and his wife aren't like other people, and what may seem a prison, is nothing but an illusion...

Island Paradise - (11th Doctor, River Song) [short] - It was an idyllic paradise... except for the coconut, and the ukelele, and River trying to drown him...

Caught - (River Song, 11th Doctor) [short] - Why does someone always catch you when you're having a good snog? River and the Doctor get caught by the most unexpected person...

Fixed Points (Don't Necessarily Have to be Rewritten) (River Song, 10th Doctor) [short] -  When the Doctor first met River, he didn't know everything about her. (A fix-it for Forest of the Dead so that River survives.)

We're Getting Nothing for Christmas - (11th Doctor, River Song) [song] - River and the Doctor are getting nothing for Christmas, because they ain't been nothing but bad... (a rewrite of the classic Christmas carol, starring the Doctor and River.)
Sock It To Him - (11th Doctor, River Song) [short] -  Santa Clause delivers everywhere. The Doctor finds a sock on his door.

You Watch Us Run - (11th Doctor, River Song) [short] - Even Time Lords gotta have some fun.

A Christmas for Two - (River Song, 11th Doctor) [short] - Sometimes the best gifts are the ones you don't expect.

Anniversary Blues - (River Song, Jack Harkness, 11th Doctor) [One Chapter] - It's River's first wedding anniversary after her last kiss with the Doctor. She's not handling it well... (Includes Jack, Silents, a bar in 1968, and quite a lot of violence.)

Silent Treatment - (11th Doctor, River Song) [short] - River was giving him the silent treatment, and he didn't know why!

Dancing - (11th Doctor, River Song) [short] - She loved dancing with the Doctor...

A Banquet of Riches - (River Song, All 11 Doctors) [short] - A temporal anomaly has left River stuck with the Doctor. All 11 of him. "How's a girl supposed to resist?"

Wherever it's Christmas Poem - (11th Doctor, Amy, Rory) [short] -  a condensed poem version of the Doctor Who fic - Wherever it's Christmas

Even Then - (11th Doctor, River Song) [short] - The Doctor knows River's future, and there's something he needs to tell her...

Her Face - (11th Doctor, River Song) [short] - Just the sight of her was enough to make his hearts pound with joy. Her face...

Hats Off! - (11th Doctor, River Song) [short] - River doesn't like the Doctor's hats. But maybe not for the reason you'd expect. 

Someone to Rely On - (11th Doctor, Rory Williams) [short] - The Doctor has one last favor to ask of Rory. Because he needs someone he can trust.

Appearances Can Be Deceiving - (6th Doctor and Peri) [One Chapter] - It was trouble enough dealing with one Doctor, let alone two. Peri she didn't think she'd have to deal with herself, an other self, a different self. She stared at the other Peri, with her one hoop earring, biker boots, and bowie knife -- Okay, that was just weird... 

Up a Tree - (11th Doctor, Amy, and Rory) [Multi-Chapter] - This is a sort of "Doctor Who" meets "Avatar" story, without the avatars.

The Doctor, Amy, and Rory land on a human colony world where the colonists live in gigantic trees. A whole city in the treetops. But what starts out as a lark, ends with a murder, an ancient mystery, and  a local race of "not quite intelligent" spider-monkey-like creatures that might have a reason for not quite being intelligent.

The Stairwell - (11th Doctor, Rory Williams) [short] - Everybody worried about Amy losing her baby. Sometimes people forget Rory lost his baby as well.

Pet Names - (11th Doctor, River Song) [short] - River has always called him Sweetie, but what else has she called him?

Son-in-Law - (11th Doctor, River Song, Amy Pond) [short] - Amy is now the Doctor's mother-in-law, so what will she do when the Doctor and River come to visit?

Sontaran Encounter - (11th Doctor, River Song, Jack Harkness) [One Chapter] - During one of their adventures, the Doctor and River run into Jack, who's a bit befuddled about their relationship.

"Closing Time" Alternate Ending - (11th Doctor, Craig Owens) [short] - A re-edited ending to the episode "Closing Time."

Bedmates - (11th Doctor, River Song) [short] - River finally has the Doctor exactly where she wants him. Sort of.  

Grandparents - (River Song, Augustus Pond, Tabitha Pond) [short] - What would happen if River Song accidentally ran into her grandparents?

Child of the Tardis - (River Song, the Tardis) [short] - I wondered what made the crack in River's armor. What tipped the scales from a heartless person watching a man die, to a wondering child, willing to accept? And the only thing that came to mind, was the Tardis. She never expected the Tardis.

The Meaning of Life - (11th Doctor, Amy, and Rory) [short] -  Amy asks the Doctor, "What is the meaning of life?"  How will he answer?

Wedding Dancer - (11th Doctor) [short] - From a prompt - "Can someone, somewhere, write a ficlet about Eleven dancing with everyone at the wedding?"

Second Chances - (11th Doctor and River Song) [short] - She became everything she was, because he loved her enough to let her go.

Chitty Chitty Pow Pow - (11th Doctor and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) [short] - The Tardis isn't the only temperamental machine the Doctor has to deal with.

Never Boring (11th Doctor and River Song) [short] - Even the most hectic life has its quiet moments.

Time Bomb - (11th Doctor and River Song) [short] - The Doctor has found an unusual pocket watch, it scares River...

His Baby Girl (Rory Williams and Melody Pond) [short] - His baby girl… He'd only gotten to hold her for a little while.

Bender (11th Doctor, River, Amy, and Rory) [short] - The Doctor drinks something he shouldn't, with unfortunate results.

Miniscope (10th Doctor and Donna) [short] - Donna gets her first look at a miniscope, but there's a problem.

They're Alive! (Doctor and Companion) [short] - One day they may come back, yes they may come back... And if they do, how will the Doctor react?

"Oh, the Gratitude!" (10th Doctor and Donna) [short] - He saved her from being kidnapped by a robot, but what happened after Donna jumped into the Tardis on the motorway?

Spoilers (A River Song Fic) (River Song) [short] - She had just seen him dead, the damned man. All she wanted to do was grab him and hold on until the shaking stopped. To kiss him with all the years of love and pain and joy they'd shared...

Admiring the Sunset (4th Doctor and Romana I) [short] - Romana gets a lesson in universe travel, and the Doctor gets a lesson in paying attention.

Love Letters (11th Doctor and Amy) [short] - The psychic paper is great for sending little notes across time. Of course, some notes are quite distracting...

Tomfoolery (4th Doctor/Tom Baker) [Short] - The shortest fic ever!  (only six words)

51st Century Gossip  (River Song and Jack Harkness) [Short] - River and Captain Jack talk about the Doctor.

What Are Your Intentions? (11th Doctor, Rory, Amy, River Song) [Short] - The Ponds have that talk with the Doctor and River.

Did You Ever Think... (The Doctor and River Song) [Short] - It's hard to lecture the man when he won't stand still.  

The Stormcage (11th Doctor and River Song) [Short] - River's life in the Stormcage was boring, but there were a few things to liven it up.

It Was Just a Kiss (11th Doctor and River Song) [Short] - River Song is hot, and the Doctor's not immune. (What he was thinking at the end of Day of the Moon.)

Youth is Wasted on the Young (11th Doctor, Amy, and Rory) [Multi-Chapter] - What would happen if you didn't age? What would happen if 12 years old was as old as you'd ever get?

The 11th Doctor, Amy, and Rory visit a world where the Fountain of Youth isn't just a dream, but an everyday reality. The humans of this world have fought to adapt to some very strange conditions. But they aren't the only ones that have learned to adapt to ensure the survival of their race. Something has arrived, and it's growing, waiting its chance, and suddenly a world full of kids may seem very vulnerable indeed.

Wherever it's Christmas (11th Doctor, Amy, and Rory) [Multi-Chapter] - Amy has decided it's time to celebrate Christmas in the Tardis, whether the guys like it or not.

The Doctor Lies (11th Doctor and Amy) [short] - The Doctor lies, but sometimes it's hard to tell.

Halloween Who (A Collection of 5 Halloween drabbles with various Doctors and Companions) [shorts]

A Day at the Beach (5th Doctor and Nyssa) [One Chapter] - Sea Legends come to life when the Doctor and Nyssa meet an unusual little boy who begs them to help save his friend.

Corridor Running (3rd Doctor and Jo) [One Chapter] - The Doctor and Jo have a hairy day at UNIT HQ when an alien follows them home in the Tardis.

To the Rescue (6th Doctor and Peri) [One Chapter] - The Doctor and Peri visit a world where everyone dresses like the Doctor, and the royal princess has just been kidnapped by space pirates.

A Cure For Nightmares (11th Doctor and Amy) [Short] - Amy is having nightmares. The Doctor has a cure.

A Lot of Running (10th Doctor and Donna) [Short] - They're all tied up and on the run again.

Peacemas - (A Doctor Who Christmas Story) - (10th Doctor and Martha) [Multi-Chapter] - The Doctor and Martha arrive on a future colony world and are taken in by a colonial farming family for Peacemas. But some strange sandy patches have been showing up around the farm. And the farmer's three year old son goes missing. The Doctor has seen something like this before. 

Time War Explained - [Short] - A quick conversation explains what happened during the Time War.

OK Doc - (9th Doctor and Rose) [Multi-Chapter] - The Ninth Doctor gets to play cowboy as he and Rose accidentally end up back at the OK Corral, a few months after the First Doctor story "The Gunfighters". But something new is brewing in Tombstone, involving an ancient culture, a myth, a legend, and a bunny rabbit.

Baby Gods - (10th Doctor and Donna) [Multi-Chapter] - The Doctor and Donna must rescue a newborn baby god from rogue geneticists who are looking for the secrets of immortality.

A Rose in the Basement - (9th Doctor and Rose) [One Chapter] - This is the Doctor and Rose's first meeting from the Doctor's point of view.

Afterwards -  (10.5 Doctor and Rose) [One Chapter] - When Rose and the Metacrisis Doctor were left at Bad Wolf Bay it was the start of a whole new life and a whole new "Journey of a Lifetime." This is what happened Afterwards. 

Going Swimming - (8th Doctor and Sam) [Short] - The Doctor can be so embarrassing!

Headlines [Short] - A short story containing every single New Who episode title, in order.

Sonic It! - (10th Doctor and Donna) [Short] - The sonic screwdriver can open anything. Almost.

Local Custom - [One Chapter] - The Doctor is turned black and dropped into the American South during Segregation. How does the Doctor handle human prejudice? With a smile! — Read Official Review here.

The Cookie Monster - (10th Doctor and Rose) [Short Multi-Chapter] - The Doctor does some maintenance on the Tardis, with unexpected side effects for Rose.

The Worldship - (8th Doctor) [Multi-Chapter] - The Doctor answers a distress call from a worldship where the occupants are going mad and spontaneously combusting. They say it is all the fault of a baby. But who are these invisible aliens hiding in the walls?

Flipsided - (10th Doctor, 8th Doctor, Rose, Jack) [Multi-Chapter] - The 10th Doctor and the 8th Doctor have been accidentally switched in time. While Jack and 10, in 8's Tardis, try to figure out what happened and get back, 8 and Rose are confronted with some unexpected problems when the Tardis is invaded.

Kitty Kitty in a Tree - (10th Doctor and Donna) [Short] - Donna attempts to rescue a kitten caught in a tree, only to discover things aren't quite what they appear.

Maintenance - (10th Doctor) [Short] - The Doctor gets advice on how to repair the Tardis.

Fanscination - A poem about why Doctor Who is so fascinating.

End of Time Alternate Ending - If the radiation booth in End of Time didn't make sense to you, try this.

Doctor Who Adventures - Link to this site

Fairy Godfather - (Original Fiction/Fairy Tale) - What happens when the damsel doesn't fall in love with the prince, but with her fairy godfather?

Please leave comments. Writing stories is hard work and fanfic writers don't get paid. The only reward we get for writing these stories is to know that people are enjoying them. Please leave a comment. Thank you.


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